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no_tiva's Journal

A place for our side!
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Welcome to the home of No TIVA - A place where members would rather see NCIS without the pairing of Tony and Ziva – better known as TIVA.

Please remember that this is not a TIVA bashing site- just a place for "our side" to express our views on NCIS and TIVA.

I want everyone to have FUN here so please follow our rules so that everyone has a great experience. However please know that all OT posts and/or posts that don't follow the rules will be deleted.



If you are a member and you call anyone a name, such as HATER etc, you will get one warning and then if the behavior persists you will be banned from the community.

Also while we welcome, and encourage all non-members to join us in any discussion if you call anyone a name or flame them in a comment you will automatically be banned.

1) All posts must be deal with NCIS and/or your issues for TIVA, in some way

2) At all times be respectful. While we all love NCIS, and it’s wonderful cast of characters, we may from time to time disagree on other subjects. Please be kind to those who see things differently than you. You can disagree without being rude. Be good, or you will be gone.

3) Discussions: Discussions are highly encouraged!! Please feel free to participate in any way you feel comfortable. Part of the fun of enjoying a show is sharing it with others. Just please remain respectful of others who may not share your views.

4) Spoilers: NCIS and TIVA Spoilers are allowed and encouraged but please put all spoilers behind a cut so folks don't have to avoid the community until they see the latest episode. **Make sure you post all information from the spoilers (not just the sections that are of interest to you) and please try and provide a link to the source information of the spoilers.**

5) NCIS and/or No TIVA fan art, picspams, icons, fics, wallpapers, fanmixes etc. are allowed and even encouraged.

6) TAGS: Please tag all posts. Some acceptable tags are: Art, challenges, fics, icons, wallpaper, news, vids, recs, spoilers questions, etc.

7) All Spoiler and News Articles posted by the mods will be locked for members only.

Our magnificent community banner and layout were created by the brilliant bananacosmic. Thank you bananacosmic for all your hard work, and for sharing your talent with us.